@rtbookreviews Tip 8: BE grateful. It’s no secret it can…

@rtbookreviews Tip 8: BE grateful. It’s no secret it can put a serious dent in your cash flow to attend @rtbookreviews. Plan carefully and you can SAVE a ton. When you arrive and throughout the week, be grateful. You made it. Thousands of others would GLADLY trade places with you. As my DH is fond of saying, “Embrace the chaos,” but remain grateful-don’t leave your manners at home.

So, I again say “thank you” to @tinadesalvo for this cute as HELL bag and the gift of soaking in your positive, exuberant presence. It wasn’t expected. Hardly deserved. Humbling. I will carry it and the memories of our too brief interactions last week until I can HUG you again. #rt17 #aspiringauthor #humbled #thankyou #writersofinstagram via Instagram http://ift.tt/2pVmMNX

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