Who am I?

Reader. Aspiring Author. Hopeless Romantic.

A new writer (and an avid reader!) who aspires to seduce you with new characters in stories that are oftentimes familiar, sometimes new, yet always with my own unique voice.
From contemporary romance to erotica, I have several stories in the works and will be publishing a few of my shorts (stories, that is!) over the coming year! While I hope to one day be published sought after by all of the major publishing houses, I am happy to have this little corner of the web, for now, to share my stories and seek your feedback and input.
Why romance? Because it’s fun!
There is nothing more sexy than married, consensual sex. And I’m not just saying that because I’m married! I suppose I could end it with, “and they looked into each other’s eyes and knew it was time,” but how boring is that?
I have had a friend ask that I create “clean versions” of the stories, and, fine, I’ll do it! Spoiled sport! But I respect her and love her dearly; so, I will post those as well!
Is it all smut? Well, that depends on your definition. I am writing about these things not doing them-mostly.
A healthy, active imagination is a good thing. Besides, it’s a proven fact-found on the Internet-that married women who read “romance” novels have more and better sex than their counterparts who do not. So take that! Women need stimulation!
It’s not cheating. It’s fantasy.
Of course, if you’re closing your eyes and thinking your husband is your favorite alpha male then, maybe, you have a problem. Maybe! 

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