Favorite Island…The Fijis

My dream.


Ever since I watched Brooke Shields and what’s his name (Chris Atkins, right?) frolicking on the beach in The Blue Lagoon, I was hooked. We’re talking over 20 years ago, and my obsession with this island hasn’t wavered. During my research back then I found that a few celebrities own or had owned islands and that, surprise, tourism is the largest industry. I haven’t given up on this dream. Of course, I might have grandkids to chase on the beach when it becomes a reality, but I’ll take it!

My favorite Edward…then

Ok; so, the Twilight series is not entirely my cuppa (not into the YA category), but it has it’s good points. Here’s a picture of one of them…the face that inspired Stephanie Meyer’s character, Edward. Droolworthy, indeed!

Henry Cavill