“Sweet as My Revenge” by Susan Napier

Sweet As My Revenge (Harlequin Presents #885)Sweet As My Revenge by Susan Napier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This dated little book packed a powerful, sensual punch! I admit that there were times when I simply didn’t get some of the undertones then I did a “decade check” and everything made more sense. Jeez!

I would have given this book more stars if I hadn’t found myself a little lost in the story at times-not that it was unclear (except for what is mentioned above) there was just SO MUCH going on, so much packed into a small number of pages.

Everything worked itself out in the end, of course, and unlike many I’ve read this one ended with the couple making love, marriage in the horizon, their unprotected sex unmentioned when they come back together at the end.

The times they have a changed.

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“Once A Lover” by Diana Antonio

Once A LoverOnce A Lover by Diana Antonio
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am so spoiled!! This book was too long and too depressing. The heroine was also just TSTL IMHO!!

The hero fell in love and it was a beautiful thing to read. The heroine just threw it all away, literally, because she was insecure. See what I mean by TSTL!! Oh, did I mention she threw away the love of her HOT hockey lover and love TWICE!!!!!!!!

I am okay. Oh, her sister is a POW.

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