“Sweet as My Revenge” by Susan Napier

Sweet As My Revenge (Harlequin Presents #885)Sweet As My Revenge by Susan Napier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This dated little book packed a powerful, sensual punch! I admit that there were times when I simply didn’t get some of the undertones then I did a “decade check” and everything made more sense. Jeez!

I would have given this book more stars if I hadn’t found myself a little lost in the story at times-not that it was unclear (except for what is mentioned above) there was just SO MUCH going on, so much packed into a small number of pages.

Everything worked itself out in the end, of course, and unlike many I’ve read this one ended with the couple making love, marriage in the horizon, their unprotected sex unmentioned when they come back together at the end.

The times they have a changed.

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“Jilted” by Sally Wentworth

JiltedJilted by Sally Wentworth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

TSTL the lot of them! For the former BFF’s mother to invite her to the wedding and say it was needed or whatever rubbish she said…GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!

TSTL the lot of them! For the former fiancee to say at the very end of the book all glowing with happiness and sh&t, “I always knew you were going to be a [whatever their last name is], you just started with the wrong one” or something like that!

TSTL the lot of them! I would have gone quietly away and licked my wounds then bought Voodoo dolls and all the stick pins I could find at Michael’s and Joann’s. I’m just saying.

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“Marriage of Revenge” by Sherri Whitefeather

Marriage Of Revenge (The Trueno Brides) (Silhouette Desire #1751)Marriage Of Revenge (The Trueno Brides) by Sheri Whitefeather
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

You know why I gave this book one star? Because I could NOT figure out, for the life of me, what the HEL7 was going on most of the time!

What? Huh?

Okay…you dump him because he won’t share his heritage NOR his name with you. He marries someone else very quickly after, and HE is the injured party?

Oh, I see. So…he was going to what?? Eventually, he WAS going to kick her to the curb by his own admission of the deathbed promise he made to his father. Yet, he faults her for standing up for herself and demanding a real commitment?

Oh, I see. He’s a self-absorbed, jerkwad who wants his cake (marriage to appease the family unit) and to eat it to (the heroine).

LOL So funny. So unintentional. LOL

What gets me is that she stays around watching him get married, have a son then eventually divorce.

Masochist. Party of one?

TSTL the lot of them!

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