“Paris or Bust!: Romancing Roxanne?\Daddy Come Lately\Love Is in the Air” by Kate Hoffman et. al.

Paris or Bust!: Romancing Roxanne?\Daddy Come Lately\Love Is in the AirParis or Bust!: Romancing Roxanne?\Daddy Come Lately\Love Is in the Air by Kate Hoffmann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First review of 2013…ugh…Firstly, the whole premise of the book centers around a competition for “Mother of the Year” where our winner gets a trip to Paris and some other stuff…

First up, “Romancing Roaxanne” – Roxanne’s DH left her for a muscled, female wrestler (aka “The Velvet Hammer”). She finds herself crying, daily in the closet outside which her absolutely adorable “little man” (Danny-one of her four children who are all under 5!) waits for her. It’s gut-enchantingly cute, btw. What I liked best about this story was the strength of the heroine, Roxanne. If anyone deserved to curl into a ball and feel miserable, it was her, and she did but she didn’t let it run her life. She grieved, got angry and allowed herself to continue living. I also enjoyed the secondary characters especially her sister, Renee, the only one who wasn’t completely selfish by entering her sister in the competition. The others had their reasons, though. What of our hero, you ask? Oh, well he was simply too darn good to be true. Hot, single, a little jerky in the beginning and fell head over heels in love with Roxy AND her kidlets. What’s not to love? Truth be told, I kinda wish there was a follow-up story where the ex gets what’s coming him, but I’ll just play that out in my mind.

Next is “Daddy Come Lately” – This was my least favorite of the stories. Why? ‘Cause the heroine, Jody, was an idiot who kept secret the existence of the heroes twin sons, Benjamin and Jeremy (aka Ben and Jerry), for OVER FOUR YEARS. Ok. Sure. He was off to La La Land and all, but surely sometime in FOUR YEARS you coulda called the guy?? I know her folks died and all, but still…this is NOT one of those times when I can understand the keeping quiet about the kids. All of that aside, the author just seemed like she had a fully developed story that she was asked to cut to fit into this book. Maybe it’s just me. I will say that, again, the secondary characters were a hoot in this one. The kids made this story for me.

And finally, “Love is in the Air” – Our heroine is a tomboy pilot (Jody was a tomboy rancher, btw) with a mother and grandma who make the story work for me. I will say that Wade was my favorite of the heroes. She’s stubborn and in denial. He’s hot and in lust/love. They’re both pilots. It’s a win-win for me. It reminds me a lot of another series of books by Shalvis with pilots-I wonder if it’s at all related? This story is better developed than the other two and the characters are more likable to me.

All in all? It was a quick, fun read…but I am so glad I got it from my local public library.

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“The Ex Factor” by Anne Oliver

The Ex Factor The Ex Factor by Anne Oliver
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I just couldn’t get into this one: didn’t really care if the couple got together. I kinda just wanted it all to end. The heroine, former party girl, is now a work-a-holic nurse.

There is so very much I did not LIKE about the heroine that it really ruined the read for me.

Probably just need a re-read.

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“Jilted” by Sally Wentworth

JiltedJilted by Sally Wentworth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

TSTL the lot of them! For the former BFF’s mother to invite her to the wedding and say it was needed or whatever rubbish she said…GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!

TSTL the lot of them! For the former fiancee to say at the very end of the book all glowing with happiness and sh&t, “I always knew you were going to be a [whatever their last name is], you just started with the wrong one” or something like that!

TSTL the lot of them! I would have gone quietly away and licked my wounds then bought Voodoo dolls and all the stick pins I could find at Michael’s and Joann’s. I’m just saying.

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“Marriage Meltdown” by Emma Darcy

Marriage MeltdownMarriage Meltdown by Emma Darcy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thought this hero was unnecessarily cruel to a woman who was a known virgin from a strict upbringing. Idiot! Is it too much to ask for these guys to communicate-wait, they’re men. Never mind.

LOL Low blow, but I am married; so, I can say that in all honest…MOST men find communicating a struggle.

There more than a bit of real life in this book, and I appreciated that fact. I have seen women get too often get wrapped up in being everything EXCEPT a wife-which should always come first. Yes, even before the kids. Sorry but true.

Of course, NONE of that excuses infidelity. Nothing does. Got the itch? See wife. It really is that simple.

Off of soapbox…a good read with a fair amount of angst.

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